The Soul Keys

a novel


Sander Keynes thought he’d had a pretty extraordinary day when he and his girlfriend Jenny found an empty flying saucer on a sandbar in an Ozark River. And that was before he got home and found an armadillo in his bathtub. And found out that it could talk—and that it was as baffled as Sander was about how it had gotten there.

But Dick the Armadillo was only the start of the strangeness that would propel Sander and Jenny on a mad odyssey from Springfield, Missouri, to a secret military base on the Big Island of Hawai‘i. Along the way, they’d encounter belly dancers, Navajo revolutionaries, an invisible rat with an existential crisis, a genuine psychic, mad scientists (or extremely aggravated ones, anyway), military-industrial complications, a suspension bridge that was thinking of becoming a dragon, and a secret society called NASA (no, not that NASA) — all the while being pursued by the FBI, the CIA, the Centers for Disease Control, the tabloids, and someone with a French accent.

This was all because the UFO had given Sander a troubling gift: three Keys to Unlock the Soul and End the World. In fact, the world might end eight or nine times before he got it all straightened out.

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